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Ex-Sandiilands Staff Dinner on Saturday, 25 February, 2012   Leave a comment

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Ex-Sandiilands Staff Dinner on Saturday, 25 February, 2012 was held at the Taipan Fins Restaurant of Northam All-Suites Hotel, Northam Road, Penang. This was the very first British MNC – Multi-naional Company, which I joined after my pupilage at the Penang General Hospital in 1976, yes …. so many years ago. The staff of this trading company was a friendly lot and we had kept meeting up for many years even the current company had ceased to exist in name. Thank you to the endless effort of Mr. Leong Chee Thim, Penny Ong and Rosie Ng for keeping this get-together dinner going for so many years where friendship is re-kindled and re-newed.

SP Lim

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