Penang Wesak Celebrations Day’s Meeting at Komtar, Penang   2 comments

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Penang Wesak Celebrations Day’s Meeting was held at Level 28 of Komtar, Penang with YB Ng Wei Aik. The date of this “Open House” concept on the Wesak Buddhist celebrations of the Triple Blessed Day of the Buddha in Malaysia, in general and in Penang, in particular. It is open to the public to see, observe and know how the Wesak Day is celebrated in the state of Penang.

SP Lim

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2 responses to “Penang Wesak Celebrations Day’s Meeting at Komtar, Penang

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  1. Here , I am viewing the scene in this room filled with people born into existence from our past karmas. We have the Buddha, the Dharma preached by our respected Sangha members to all of us who are the laypeople as named in the Buddhist community. And from here, I understand that the notion of the ‘person’ includes the image we keep of ourselves, The idea of our identity, our status in life is deeply rooted in our mind and continuously influences our relations with others. Our perception of the outer world, sensations, mental images, emotions and concepts are merely an idea form the word ‘myself’ . When we begin to appreciate what we have in common with those around us, we realised that there is basically no boundaries, no ultimate separation. When the self ceases to be the most important thing in the world, we find it easier to focus our concern on others. It allows us to approach every person and situation with natural ease, benevolence, fortitude and serenity. We are free to give and to receive.
    Sincere thanks to SPLim for the photos taken that brings our out what ‘Dharma is Life’ through your lenses. It’s great to have you around……..

    With Metta


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