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Queen Elizabeth cruise ship docked at Port Swettenham, George Town, Penang, Malaysia   2 comments

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I was an early sunrise shooting yesterday, Monday 26, March 2012 at Tanjung City Marina at 6.30 am in the morning with Mr Fong aka Foley Hits. Queen Elizabeth cruise ship was calling at Port Swettenham Terminal also at 8.00 am yesterday too as added bonus. It was sailing from Singapore to Dubai sector. However, the most funny thing was that I learnt this piece of news from my Facebook friend Mr Detlef Gross from Germany. His message read as follows ” A challenge for taking some good shots. Queen Elizabeth will arrive at Penang on next Monday at 8:00 a.m. Friends of mine are on board of the ship. Departure time is 5 p.m. Best regards Detlef ” He was incidentally a passenger on Queen Mary II when it docked in Penang in February 2010. I happened to have taken a photograph of him and I had posted on Facebook then. He saw it and contacted me for a copy which I had promised him but did not get around to it until a few days ago. Well, the world is definitely becoming smaller and friendier with such social networking.

SP Lim

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