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Night shooting of Teochew Opera   Leave a comment

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This series of the photographs which I took with Bertrand Linet after receipt of an sms of a Teochew Opera playing at Farlim Block 4D and 4E. We were joined later by Michael Chuan. The opening was the Hoe Siew which I found to be similar to the Cantonese Opera which I had seen 2 years ago. After the ceremony, the show was slow-moving and we shifted to the Batu Lancang Wet Market Phor Thor tp shoot another Teochew Opera from the one at Bakau Street. We had our usual Teh Tarik and headed to drop Bertrand off at Muntri Street. On the way at the old Brick Kiln Road, we saw the commencement of the ceremony for the burning of the Tai Soo Yah. So ended a fruitful night of shooting.

The scariest moment is always just before you start. — Stephen King
SP Lim

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