Second Anniversary of the demise of my late wife Ang Saw Ai   3 comments

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It is a long two years after the untimely demise of my late wife, Ang Saw Ai, a former Music Teacher in Piano and Electronic Organ. Yes, an amazing wife and mother, a capable investor and housewife too and she was very effective and eddiciant in these multi-fold roles.

SP Lim

I loved words. I love to sing them and speak them and even now, I must admit, I have fallen into the joy of writing them. — Anne Rice

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3 responses to “Second Anniversary of the demise of my late wife Ang Saw Ai

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  1. Dear Mr Lim, I am so touched to learn of the 2nd anniversary of the demise of your late wife. I love my own wife very much and we cherish every single day we have together, knowing that one day we too shall be parted by death. I can fully understand how it feels to have a loved one no longer being with us, my own mother having departed in 2009. Wishing you all the dear thoughts and fond memories for your late wife.


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