Hean Boo Thean ~ the Kuan Yin Floating Temple’s Sea Procession – Part 4   Leave a comment

Hean Boo Thean ~ the Kuan Yin Floating Temple’s Sea Procession took place on 17, February, 2013. This is the fourth part of the Sea Procession. We had the opportunity with the Press and other photographers to capture this rare type of Procession – a Procession by using boats or sampans. We are indeed grateful to the Management Committee of the Hean Boo Thean for inviting us to the special arrangement of boats to ferry us to shoot these photographs.
The ceremony, I believed, was to transport the Thnee Kong or Jade Emperor image to the Chew Jetty for “Pai Thnee Kong” or Praying to the Jade Emperor Ceremony that takes place on the 8th night of the Chinese New Year.
The Dragon Boat to transport the Diety, came from Chew Jetty first and the crew rowed across the water towards the Floating Kuanyin Temple known as Hean Boo Thean, The spectacular towering structure in the background is the Penang’s highest 55-storeyed skyscraper. After the various Taoist Dieties were transferred to two boats, a procession was started by moving off to a Temple near Jelutong with Lion and Dragon Dances. Fire-crackers were let off with the resulting smoky sulphur dioxide smell. Well, it was an interesting experience and a few boats experienced some engine problems. Hopefully, they, including the boat operators, shall resolved these teething problems in future. After the Sea Procession headed southwards to the Temple at Jelutong, we headed back towards Chew Jetty. The various Taoist Dieties were then slowly and carefully transferred to the wooden jetty’s board-walk. A small ceremony was held and the Thnee Kong image was then carried to the main road where the “Pai Thnee Kong” ceremony was usually held. Thus ending the Sea Procession that I witnessed for the first time in my life. Thank you for the opportunity.

SP Lim
Note: Nearly fell into the sea when disembarking the rocking boat but with the Kuan Yin’s and Thnee Kong’s Blessings, this was not to be.

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