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Dancing and Singing at the Cafe   Leave a comment

We were on a mission to find out more of same of the past-time of senior citizen and retirees like myself. We had heard that there were ball-room dancing activities at certain coffe shops or cafes in and around George Town eg the Red Garden and the Northam Beach Cafes on certain days of the week, as there was live bands playing. Thus, paying for a higher cost of drinks, one can enjoy the whole night dancing ” the night away ‘. There was a Mr Boey who liked to mimic the songs with his action-oriented actions. Anyway, this was our second attempt to see this type of activities as the first attempt was a “wash-out” due to heavy rains as these cafes are open-aired. The outing included my mother, my aunties, my sister and Marilyn with Aunty Lily leading the way.

SP Lim

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