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We are delighted by the visit of my friend from Singapore whom I had not seen for more than 20 years. Sure, time really flies by especially when you are a senior citizen and semi-retired. I had not seen Leng Choo, SK, her husband and her late mother after our lunch at Sin Kheng Aun, Chulia Lane, Penang some 20 years back. I could still clearly remember Leng Choo’s mother really enjoyed her Camel’s cigarette. God bless her. However, I could be more hospitable if I could guide them around but I was pre-occupied with some prior arrangements. However, we managed to squeeze in two dinners for them in their week visit to Penang, and hopefully more if they are to visit us in future. SK, Leng Choo and her elder sister Li Choo were visiting Penang for savouring Penang food so it was a pressure on me to find good food for them to taste. So, the first restaurant was the Hainan Delights at Hotel 1926. Food here is a first type of Western-Eastern , more Chinese, as local Chinese especially the Hainanese usually worked as cooks for the colonial westerners in the past. Our orders were for Choon Pneah or Spring Rolls, Macaroni Pie, Lamb with Ladies Fingers, Mushroom Soup – local fusion version, Inchee Kabin – fried chicken, Fired Rice and Fried Dry Hor Fun. It was something different and it is difficult to find these dishes after the closure of Garden Hotel in Tanjung Bungah many years ago, and Kelab Ilham of 225, Macalister Road a few years back. Our guests enjoyed these dishes as these dishes were “different” from the conventional ones found in Nyonya Restaurants.
The next dinner date was the Ah Chui Seafood at Paya Terubong instead of travelling to the Tambun or Batu Kawan on the mainland. Going up to the hillside to eat seafood – quite contrary but when there is good food, you van travel miles to savour the dishes. Hehehe, even to the “End of the World” seafood restaurant at Telok Bahang but this restaurant was closed down many years back. They enjoyed the seafood and this was our satisfaction that we made the correct choice of selection of restaurants. So, till we meet again in the near future. always come to Penang to savour our food, glorious food, delicious Penang food. Bon aperitif.

SP Lim

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