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Humans of George Town, Penang – a new Facebook Page creation   Leave a comment

On the idea spawn by Ms Peggy Tan inspired by the Humans of New York’s Facebook Page, I had decided to create this new Facebook Page for out home town. This page shall act as a filter before I can insert the photograph and article into the official George Town, Penang Facebook Page. Starting off is rather difficult as one thinks of copy-rights’ issue and permission of the interviewee and other related problems like misquotes. To make the easier entry, I use myself as the “guinea pig” to test-run this page. The initial LIKES are quite disappointing and hopefully the readership shall increase in the near future. The link is here and please take a look to support my project. Many thanks, my friends and fellow bloggers.

The narration:
So, to ease any problem I start with myself ( Lim Soo Peng ) as the first George Town resident to be featured here. In future if I or official HoGTP walk up to you, please tell your story … now I tell you mine,
At 62 and still working but photography is my past-time and passion to fill the gap left by the untimely demise of my wife. Tried my best everything I do and undertake and my usual advice is ” Never Give Up ” in life. Live an active and treasure every moment of it be it good or bad.

SP Lim

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