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Benedetta Segala – the fourth personality featured on Humans Of George Town, Penang   Leave a comment

Benedetta Segala, Artiste Peintre, 35, of Montova, Italy,
Why art in my life? No choice it was for me a necessity for being a better human being to understand, communicate… and later it became a profession. It’s my favorite language.
I like Georgetown because the destiny bring me here and I like the kindness of people, the food and the sky.

From her blog:-

Benedetta SEGALA

Benedetta was born in Italy in 1978 at Mantova, a city of art of Renaissance.
She spends her childhood in a small village on the banks of the Pô. We often find the foggy atmospheres of the river and the colors of the Italian countryside in her painting. She begins the oil painting at the age of 14 by finding painting clothes left white by her father. A sign which orders her to prolong what her father had never dared to operate.

She obtains her High school diploma in Design at the High school Giulio Romano of her home town in 1997. The next year she joins the School of Fine Arts of Bologna, where she will be influenced by the teaching of Professor Partisani, minimalist painter of the 60s. Carried to purify her painting, she designs since very abstract series.

In 1999 she is called to participate in the twinning of young European artists in Nevers. She discovers France in 2000, the fate brings her to move in Marseille and to join THE ESBAM of Luminy to pursue her art studies.

She chooses to attend class of installation (Professors Chervolen and Molinero) to feed of a certain structure her abstractions and pursues her painting in private.

First year, she meets a collective of multidisciplinary and multi-ethnic artists with whom she works during one year in the popular districts of Marseille.

The Phocaean city enters its heart and its art, she paints the urban demolitions, she dives into the city in the varied accents.

In 2001 it is the discovery of Asia with a grant from Erasmus on an itinerant personal artistic project (Thailand, Laos, China, Malaysia).

In 2003 she finishes her academic cycle with the DNSEP (Upper National Diploma Expression Blows up) and the next month organizes her first personal exhibition in the yard of the MAC (Museum of Contemporary Art) of Marseille.

Since she multiplies her exhibitions in France and abroad.

On 2004-2008 she was selected for the Four-year exhibition Leonardo da Vinci (Exposed at Vittoriano in Roma and in Thomas Charles Gallery, USA).

In 2006 her paint is transformed into mirages with the discovery of Algerian Sahara.

In 2008 she was weekly invited by the Contemporary Art of Riez.

In 2009 she displayed with 7 others international artists in Dubai, to the Cuadro Fine Art Gallery.

In 2010, she leaves for residence to Morocco. She takes up with Asia with the discovery of the Burmese jungle.

In 2012, she decides to travel again India offers her the best of the surprises. She paints the waves of Indian Ocean, the dunes of the desert of Thar and the valleys of Himalaya.

Drawings, watercolors, oil paint, photos, she finds a freedom of movements. The maturity is there, same as love.

Benedetta is fascinated by the discovery of the world. Her work feeds on meetings and on crossed landscapes.

Thank you for meeting you in Penang.

SP Lim

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