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Working Day and Movies   Leave a comment

It has to happened on my working day to Bukit Mertajam on the Mainland. I have to travel by the 13.5 km Penang Bridge from Penang Island to my work place in the morning. Crossing the bridge and about 4 km from the Mainland end of the bridge a jam developed with the 3 lanes packed with vehicles. Another 20 minutes later we were at the “cause” of the traffic jam. A lorry had turned on its side spilling cylinders of gaseous products on to the road. One lane was closed as the police and other Bridge personnel were there to direct traffic and investigate the accident. Unluckily, I had not brought my camera to shoot the incident. After a delay of more than 45 minutes, we were soon headed along the highway to Bukit Mertajam.
After work, moving island-wards again another smaller jam developed. Oh my, another accident? Luckily one traffic lane was closed as bridge maintenance vehicle was parked on the outer lane so resulting in a traffic jam. Only 10 minutes of delay was recorded. Back home, it was catching up with my old movies.

1. ” Amen ” – A film by Costa-Gavras – France- 2002 – 130 minutes in Colour and in English. This watchable movie is centred on a story unwavering conscience and unspeakable horror of the Holocaust. It dramatizes the true history of how religious leaders in Germany and the Vatican ignored the plight of the Jews of Europe during the Second World War. Recommended.
2. ” Spartan ” – Franchise Pictures with the cast of Val Kilmer, Derek Luke, Kristen Bell. The daughter of a high-ranking Americal government officer was kidnapped but as the story unfolds, the simple search-and rescue operation becomes complicated by the political ambitions of those in high places. Interesting plot. Recommended.

SP Lim

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