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Yesterday, Sunday 24/11/2013 after receiving a phone-call from Dr Quah Boo Siew, my classmate from Penang Free School, that we are going for lunch with Dr Dayal Krishnan, also our classmate from PFS Class of 1964 to 1970. Boo Siew and his wife picked us up from our house and we were off to Golden Sands Resort at Batu Ferringhi, Penang. Our classmate, Dr Dayal together with his wife, also a doctor, were out here in Penang from Kuala Trengganu on a medical seminar at Golden Sands resort sponsored by an international pharmaceuticals company. We had a quick lunch and they left for the airport at 2.30 pm. Intense photography session was seen thus this is the resulting series of photos.

SP Lim

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