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Chew Jetty at the last Sunrise of 2013   Leave a comment

I made a bee-line for the Chew Jetty at Weld Quay, Penang to shoot the last Sunrise of 2013 as today was the 31, December 2013. However, this was not to be a significant sunrise as the sun was shy to appear owing to thick hazy and cloudy condition. Though somewhat disappointed with the weather condition, I did shoot a series of photographs using my Canon EOS 70D and Canon EOS 5D Mark III using different lens and settings. Though I brought two tripods, I forgot my Manfrotto clamp so ended using a shaky tripod for some HDR photography as the wooden board-way of Chew Jetty was shaking a bit as the incoming waves were pounding the wooden stilts softly amd gently. Hope you like these photographs as the yacht in the distance was leaking and leaning sideways due to sinking slowly into the sea.

SP Lim

Having been used to full-framed DSLR, photos taken by non-fullframed DSLRs seemed noisy … cannot be pampered at all in life.

Founding Day of Kian Teik Tong by Poh Hock Seah   Leave a comment

The Founding Day of Kian Teik Tong was on 30th December of each year. Kian Teik Tong was later declared as an illegal by then the Britiah Administration in later part of the 19th Century due to the riots and civil unrest in Penang Island then. Poh Hock and other 4 Associations were formed to take over assets and religious practise of this boday – Kian Teik Tong. Poh Hock Seah took over the religious practice of Kian Teik Tong.

SP Lim

Lorong Kulit Flea Market   Leave a comment

Lorong Kulit in Malay, is translated as Skin Lane or more like Tannery Lane as in the olden days there must be a tannery located. This is a second-hand goods market better known as a Flea Market in the West with a wide range of products being sold. This is an open-air car park for the City Stadium and the flea market operates here in the mornings till noon.

SP Lim

Night Scene of George Town   Leave a comment

Night Scene of George Town

SP Lim

Window shopping on Boxing Day   Leave a comment

Window shopping on Boxing Day

SP Lim

Marketing at Chowrasta Market on Christmas Day   Leave a comment

We did some marketing at Chowrasta Market on Christmas Day to purchase vegetables. We had koay teow th’ng with my former colleague Chew Jong Pok, his wife and his daughter at Evergreen Cafe, Hutton Lane. The crowd was reasonable. The back portion of Chowrasta Market was under renovation.

SP Lim

Best Wishes for Christmas   Leave a comment

Wishing All my Friends and Visitors a MERRY CHRISTMAS & a HAPPY NEW YEAR 2014. This is a series of photographs which I shot yesterday of 3 shopping malls namely Paragon Gurney, Gurney Plaza and Straits Quay, Penang, I shot also along Kelawei Road. Merry Christmas, folks.

SP Lim

Tung Chek or Chinese Winter Solstice Prayers at Kew Leong Tong Lim Kongsi in Penang   Leave a comment

Tung Chek or Chinese Winter Solstice Prayers at Kew Leong Tong Lim Kongsi in Penang on Sunday, 22 December 2013. The prayer session was conducted by a Taoist Priest for the Trustees and office-bearers of the Management Committee of the Kew Leong Tong Clansmen Temple led by the President Dato Lim Eng Soon. A Lor Choo or Urn Keeper was selected for the ensuing year – Mr Lim Gim Hin was chosen by the casting of the pair of wooden p’ooi. A short presentation of an ang-pow to a new graduate of the Lim Clan was then conducted. A plaque shall be made and place among the Roll of Honour wall. After burning of joss paper, we walked to lunch at Nanyang Nyonya Restuarant at Yap Kongsi building.
My son, Sean, dropped in the Temple to pray to his late grandfather. He was always pampered by the grand-parents when he was young – following them for sight-seeing and trips to Gurney Drive.

SP Lim

Tung Chek (Winter Solstice) and Thooi Nee for my late father Lim Wooi Boon   Leave a comment

Tung Chek (Winter Solstice) and Thooi Nee for my late father Lim Wooi Boon at Kew Leong Tong Lim Kongsi, Penang today Sunday, 22/12/2013. This is the first year Anniversary of the demise of my father on 1st January, 2013 as we are following the Chinese Lunar calendar – actually it is short of 10 days till 1.1.2014. As for Chinese tradition, we are required to follow the Chinese Lunar calendar. Traditionally as explained by my mother, the departed are always observed earlier in ceremonies and other celebrations dates ie we cannot observe on 1st January, 2014 as my late father’s anniversary of his demise but only today – Thooi Nee ( First Anniversary ). As my late father was the former Secretary of the Kew Leong Tong Lim Kongsi Association, he was given the great and rare honour of placement of his Ancestral Tablet in the middle section of the Ancestral Hall. Service to the Association of over 20 years is also a compulsory requirement. I was required to “carry” the Ancestral Tablet for the Taoist Priest or Sai Kong to “bless” the Ancestral Tablet so that it is “officially blessed and in commission”. After the ceremony as usual ang-pows with money were given to the Temple and the Taoist Priest. We then drove back home and I later left for another Temple in Ayer Itam. Then, it was back again for the Tung Chek Ceremony for the Clansmen Association office-bearers for which I am now a Committee Member since 4 months ago. After the prayers, we walked to Nanyang Restaurant for lunch.

SP Lim

A great fun-filled Saturday at the Heritage Area of George Town   Leave a comment

A great fun Saturday at the Heritage Area of George Town

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