World Fellowship of Buddhist (Penang Regional Centre) 60th Anniversary Dinner   Leave a comment

The World Fellowship of Buddhist (Penang Regional Centre) 60th Anniversary and Youth Section 40th Anniversary Celebration Dinner is scheduled for Saturday 14 December, 2013 at Stone Bay Restaurant, Penang as announced in the Press Conference held. A short meeting followed after the Press Conference on the organization of the dinner.

SP Lim
Note on my blogging this week …
I thought I was plagued by another virus on my blog until I assumed that I had run out of storage space of my current 53 G space which I had just renewed on 18/11/2013. An email to inform us on the matter shall be greatly appreciated as we, the bloggers, are also business partners paying “storage charges”. There was a clause somewhere that I can seek a refund of some of the USD $90.00 which I paid so that I can upgrade to 100 G of space at USD $ 160.00. I tried all the options but it is not true at all. I assume that these refunds within a month are NOT applicable to foreigners or non-US residents. So, as the best option available I made the final choice of getting the 25 G space at USD $50.00. After 24 hours, my 2-columned format was back to normalcy. Money works wonder! Yes, nothing is free anymore, sigh.

SP Lim

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