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More on the Opening Ceremony of the 24th FAPA Congress in Penang   Leave a comment

More on the Opening Ceremony of the 24th FAPA Congress in Penang at Fort Cornwallis on Wednesday, 15th. January, 2014 with about 400 overseas and local participants.

SP Lim


Federation of Asian Photographic Art (“FAPA”) is an organization for All Asian photographers. Back in 1964, Professor Chin-San Long attended a Federation Internationale de L’Art Photographique (“FIAP”) conference and found himself the only Asian photographer in the event, he then corresponded with fellow Asian photographer to form a regional organization with the same objectives.

The organization, blessed by fellow photographers, was officially founded in Taipei on November 25, 1966. The first congress was attended by sixty delegates from nine Asian counties; the opening ceremony had a great honor of having vice president his excellency Mr. Yen Chia-Kan as a guest speaker. Professor Chin-San Long was elected as the first president. Professor Long was later recognized as permanent honorable president of FAPA.

FAPA now has 39 members from 19 countries. The organization holds Congresses once every two year, each and every member country takes turn to host the event. In the past forty years, FAPA has held congresses in Taipei, Seoul, Tokyo, Hong Kong, India, Singapore, Sabah, Bangkok, Brunei, Penang, Kaohsiung, Hochimint city, Yunan and Guizhou. The president of the host country acts as the president of the Congress, the President of previous and next Congress hosting country act as the Vice President of the Congress. The Secretariat is located in Taipei City, Mr. Chow Chee-Kong is the current secretary general, who is responsible for the day to day operations of the Federation.

The main objectives of Federation of Asian Photographic Art are to provide a forum for Asian photographers to get together studying photographic techniques as well as promoting photographic arts. In every congress, we have photo tours, seminars, lectures and exhibitions. More than three hundred delegates attend the once-every-two-year event. The organization has grown to the fourth largest photographic society in the world.


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