Down memory lane of Penang Free School   Leave a comment

After testing and tasting the food at the school canteen, we were shown the school hall and later the Archives of Penang Free School. We were told by the Principal of PFS Encik Jaiil Saad that the great-grandchildren of Dr Wu Lien Teh will visit the school this coming Sunday 09/02/2014. We were so engrossed with the exhibits with our name on the register when we enrolled in this secondary school coming from our promary school ie Westlands Primary School which is non-existent any more as it was closed down to become a Sports Centre of Excellence. It was dowm memory lane for us, as I spent 7 years in the school when I left the Upper Six Form in 1970 after admission to Universiti Sains Malaysia ( Science University of Malaysia ) another political name change for University of Penang, after the Penang State fell to the Opposition Party of Gerakan Rakyat Malaysia in Federal Election and State Election then. Later, this PGRM Party joined the ruling coalition which spelt the eventual downhill fall of this political party.This is definitely a clear indication of the narrow-minded ideology and vengeful politics of the UMNO-led Federal government a mere 34 years ago! It had never changed ever since then.

SP Lim

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