OPERA PUTERI SAADONG – A Visual Music Opera 莎彤公主傳 ~ Part 2   Leave a comment


7 – 8 Feb 2015 (Sat – Sun) @ stage 1, penangpac
* In Malay with English and Malay subtitles | 馬來語附設英文與馬來文字幕 | Dalam Bahasa Melayu dengan sarikata Bahasa Melayu dan Inggeris

The Legend of Puteri Saadong of Kelatan

Basedon a legend back in 1663, Puteri Saadong, who was raised by her adopted mother Che Siti Wan Kembang after the demise of her mother, succeeded her father as Raja of Jembal and later installed as Raja of Kelantan in 1667. Che Siti gave the hand in marriage to her cousin Raja Abdullah when the princess was only 15 years old.

Here resplendent beauty has brought the King of Siam, Raja Narai, to her kingdom only to capture her as his concubine. Over the defeating war in the palace, Puteri Saadong had to submit to Raja Narai on order to spare her husband, Raja Abdullah’s life. He vowed to wait for her return.

However, after her captivity, Raja Narai was never able to get close to her. Eventually, Puteri Saadong successfully persuaded Raja Narai to release her.

Puteri Saadong returned to her homeland only to find that her husband has remarried another woman. Overwhelmed with rage, she unintentionally stabbed him with her hair pin, killing him. Legend has it that Puteri Saadong then ran out of the palace and subsequently disappeared into the mountains.

Today, Raja Abdullah’s tomb can still be seen at Padang Melor, in the district of Bacok, Kelantan.

Taken from the promotional leaflet.
Inserted by SP Lim

Reference to the Group Photograph above, the photographers are Mr Song Jin Tek, Mr Peter Ho, Mr Lam Wee On, Mr Khor Ban Seng, Mr Ch’ng Shi Ping, Mr Michael Chuan, Mr Sherwynd Rylan Kessler and myself. Also in the photograph are Mr Alexander Ooi of Penangpac and the representative of the Production Team.


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