Home Visit by Hneoh Tnah ( Sacred Joss Urn ) of Twa Peh Kong – the God of Prosperity   Leave a comment

“Cham Hneoh” & Return Journey
Thursday, 5th March 2015 (15th Day of Lunar 1st Moon)
5:00 a.m. : The “Hneoh Tnah” will leave Hai Choo Soo Temple for its traditional “Cheam Hneoh” visits to homes of Members and selected Chinese Temples within inner George Town.

Note : There will be two teams handling this part of the Celebrations.
Team ‘A’ taking the early shift will start from Hai Choo Soo from 5:00a.m. and
Team ‘B’ taking the later shift will start from POH HOCK SEAH from 10:30a.m.

The team visited my home at about 7.20 am of Thursday, 5th May, 2015 which is the 15th Day of the Chinese New Year. A table with fruits and cakes as offering, was set up in the hall. An ang pow or red packet was placed by the joss urn as a gift to the Twa Peh Kong of Poh Hock Seah. A team of 24 members plus the young Taoist Priest were following this Hneoh Thneah. They shall visit member’s home who had registered with the Secretary. It is said that great blessings of good health, family harmony, career advancement and of course better wealth will be brought into the homes visited. Heng…ah, Omg…ah, Huat…ah to All.

SP Lim


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