Concept Art by Chuan Shin in top form – Avalon   Leave a comment

1941339_10153788429837575_4137383978380334957_o Concept Art by Chuan Shin who is currently in top creative form – Avalon1941339_10153788429837575_4137383978380334957_oAvalon.

“Man i love drawing environments.…/avalon-28221e52-88d6-4e34-bc03…”
Inserted by SP Lim – the proud widower dad.

Acknowledgment of Gratitude

“My visitors’ count is at 79,999, please be my 80,000th Visitor to my Blog! Thank you very much…
23 hrs · Like …..” in the Facebook’s appeal.
Result : Thank you very much fellow bloggers, followers and visitors for making a Senior Citizen extra proud as the figure of 80,032 was reached thus breaching the 80,000 mark. Many thanks for the support as I shall look forwards to the next target of 100,000 with your future unfailing support and visits, for a small-fry blogger like me compared to those with thousands and millions of visitors’ views. I am satisfied with a targeted figure. Live Well and Healthy to you All as Life is simply too precious to gamble and waste away. Do not be misled by 007 James Bond’s misconception as ” You Only Live Twice ” novel as we as human beings, ” WE ONLY LIVE ONCE.”

SP Lim


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