Fireworks at “City Again” Day Celebrations   Leave a comment

The citizen of State of Penang is rather a unique lot of people with different type of blood flowing inside them compared to others living outside the state. By nature they are always a “rebellious” lot in the arena of politics – they or rather we always go for the Opposition Political Parties most of the time from Malaya’s Independence in 1957. George Town, the State Capital was even declared the First City in Pre-Independence Malaya on 01.01.1957 by Queen Elizabeth II. The City status was mysteriously disappearred owing to some legal technicalities of conversion to Municipality of the City Council. Thus from First City to No City – like it or not due to political pride and action against the people of Penang by the then ruling Federal Government. The immature Federal politicians wanted to make Kuala Lumppur the First City of Malaysia as a matter of record and political pride of the ruling alliance in our opinion.The submission was put aside and there was no further action to reinstate the George Town city status even a legal mistake was made as to them this is unimportant. The Pride of the Peopple of Penang ?
Anyway on November, 2014 the minority Federal Government approved Penang Island’s City status after a 4 years’ wait and processing. Penang Island and not George Town became a City again with such political immature shameful action. I forgot, the very first “vengeful” act was the Free Port Status of Penang was abolished because the State Government went to the Opposition instead od the Alliance Government. Currently Penang State Government is under the Opposition and not like the present ruling Federal Government under Barisan Nasional.


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