Random photographs from the Vietnam Photo Expedition   Leave a comment

Random photographs from the Vietnam Photo Expedition
After photo-shooting of a few thousands of photographs, I have to edit through these photos whether these are worthy of sharing on the internet. First, I had to sort through the itinerary of my trip to Vietnam. However, as I was only given and seen an itinerary in Mandarin without any English translation, it is rather difficult for me, as completely educated in English only, even to get the names of the towns/cities we visited. Anyway I kept the addresses of the hotels we stayed in and thus giving us the names of the place for further reference.
Day 1 – Ho Chi Minh City – shooting of old Taoist Temples as original plan to take the dosmetic flight is postponed,
Day 2 – Bus trip out of the city with stop-over at Fruits Stall and later the Thai Buddhist Temple and Noodle-making Shop,
Day 3 – Fishing village and photo-shoot of the fisherman repairing the net
Day 4 – At the sand dune doubling as desert-like scene, Fishing Village, Coracle going out to sea,
Day 5 – Dosmetic flight to another town to shoot the hill tribes, children bathing in the stream, San Bao Living Human Heritage
Day 6 – Shooting at Tribal Village before flight back to Ho Chi Minh City
Day 7 – Final day with shooting at Noodles drying village before boarding flight back to KL and Penang.
I better put these down in writing before I forget.
Apart from the official photo-shooting, I also photographed the motor-cyclists, traders, shops, daily lives of the residents as I do some blogging. I also managed to capture a few dogs and a cat as an animal lover and to dispell rumours that all Vietnamese consume dogs. I managed also to take a few photos of the cemetery, places of religion like Churches and Temple, fruit farms like that of the Dragon Fruit and wet market.
I shall go through these photos and post these for the next few months.

SP Lim


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