View of Ho Chi Minh City and outskirts from the bus   Leave a comment

View of Ho Chi Minh City and outskirts from the bus
If you do not mind some of these photographs have reflections from the bus glass, sometimes. It happened that April 30th, 2015, the next day after our arrival, is the 40th Anniversary of the Victory of Ho Chi Minh of North Vietnam over the former South Vietnam Government. The City was “ablaze” with bill-boards, posters, and flags. I am quite pleased with the extra colourful decorative additions to the city barring politics aside. More pleasant photo-shooting, indeed. Motor-cycles are seen over the place as I read somewhere that one in four of the population in Vietnam owned a motor-cycle as a great convenience in transportation. However, the norm of 2 passengers to a vehicle is not strictly followed. I had the opportunity of photographing of one passenger per motor-cycle to the maximum of 4 passengers per bike. However, I did miss shooting the 5 passengers per motor-cycle twice as I was not prepared to shoot. Next time when I go to Vietnam again as a tourist with a point-and-shoot camera rather than a photographer with heavy DSLR cameras and equipment on a photo expedition.

SP Lim


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