It’s time for a bath   Leave a comment

It’s time for a bath
The photo-shooting at a small village’s Sunday market patronized by the members of the hill tribes living there took us about two hours. After their Church services, they were shopping at the market selling clothing and other items. It was quite interesting to note their colourful clothing and intricate patterns. The female indigenous members were in their Sunday best but the male counterparts were in their modern clothing. After the session we were travelling to the next destination tens of kilometres away to continue our photo expedition to shoot another hill tribe. We were fortunate to see the male children swimming and frolicking in the muddy stream by the side of the road. Immediately, we disembarked from the bus and were busy shooting away. I am putting up the more decent photographs of them in my blog. Kids are kids and they were thoroughly enjoying themselves in the stream – muddy or not.

SP Lim


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