A Teochew Opera – Tale of the Dragon Princess By Teochew Puppet & Opera House 檳城潮藝館年度大戲 Part 2   Leave a comment

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A Teochew Opera – Tale of the Dragon Princess By Teochew Puppet & Opera House 檳城潮藝館年度大戲 Part 2

The make-up session of a Chinese Opera, be it a Teochew, Hokkien, Cantonese and Peking Operas, is a very important and integral part of the performance. Sometimes it takes hours for this part of the show.

We, the 4 photographers, were invited by Performing Arts Centre of Penang (Penangpac) to photo-shoot at this Teochew Opera entitled Tale of the Dragon Princess. Thus, from the start we are not classified as Official Photographers for the Event. We always gave priority and leeways to the usual Official Photographers whom I believed were Foley Hits Fong and company. There were also other photographers from Ling Goh’s Troupe and those who registered with her. With such a unusually large number of photographers, there are boung to be problems even among photographers themselves. Certain photographic etiquette are usually observed and followed by the knowledgeable photographers. The best habit and practice of a good photographer whom I observed of Bertrand Linet, is that he usually looked around him. He takes his shot and quickly step away for other photographers to take their shots. The worst scenario is the place is a dressing room with mirrors, who needs to take a photo with photographer/s inside the reflection of the mirror! Next is when the MC said photographers can come near the stage and shoot, that is when the ugly incidences happen. Some would run across the front to take the shots which even when I am the Official Photographer would not even such a thing, obstructing other photographers. In even worse case scenario, there is one unnamed photographer who simply stand near the stage after taking the photographs and check his photographs taken without even bothering those behind him, are still taking photographs. Such inconsiderate and senseless person of a photographer is unwelcome in such event, maybe no one had ever taught him some common sense in life! Though I am a newbie of 7 years’ of serious photography and NOT a Master or Sifu in Photography, I had been taking photographs since my school days when my father bought me a Kodak Camera then. During my job with a multi-national company. I had been taking photographs of concerts when our Coty cosmetic girls made-up the performers of concerts. I also took photographs of point-of-sales and merchandizing displays for over 30 years! Just wondering if I have developed some common sense in this aspect at my senior citizen age.

SP Lim

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