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Long wait for a short shoot A wait of of nearly 2 hours foe a 15-minutes’ photo-shoot. Just like we described “Meetings” which we spent hours at meeting to get “minutes”. The world goes round and round as usual. SP Lim
1. The wait started at the time stated on the photographs …
1-Heritage Celebrations 193
2. The wait continues after I took the best position and angle – with Komtar as the background and the evening sky.
1-Heritage Celebrations 202
3. The sky darkens with the approaching darkness of the late evening light …
1-Heritage Celebrations 205
4. The “Blue Hour” approached with the darkening sky …
1-Heritage Celebrations 207
5. Still waiting patiently for the first performance which was scheduled for 7.00 pm and other at 9.00 pm.
1-Heritage Celebrations 209
6. The Komtar had disappeared in the darkness and was not lighted up … as performance started off.
1-Heritage Celebrations 211
7. The performance ended after slightly more than 10 minutes … what a disappoinment! Waiting 2 hours to capture less than 10 minutes of action of the Lion Dance Performance while missing out on the Drums Performance and Chingay at the other end of the road! Not again in my life …
1-Heritage Celebrations 221
8. A better deal is the photo-shoot of the Chingay – huge triangular flag performance and the Dragon Dance Performance. Extremely bad organization and timing indeed!
1-Heritage Celebrations 264

SP Lim


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