Wayang season starts – The Patriots, The Invaders and the Traitors   Leave a comment

Wayang season starts – The Patriots, The Invaders and the Traitors

In human history, be it in which countries or continents, we do have these these three types or classes of people. The Patriots shall protect their motherland with their sacrifices and even with their lives. The Invaders who shall invade other countries as the grass is always greener on the other side. The Traitors shall assist in whatever they can to help the Invaders gain their objective with the main purpose of monetary or power gain on their mind. This type of character is the worst caste of human beings in each country they live in. Well, this makes our lives more exciting and unpredicatble.
The Chinese Opera or Wayang season starts with my first night of photo-shooting with Bertrand Linet. The Wayang of Thai and Chinese performers, was being performed at Ayer Itam market area during the Festival of Hungry Ghosts. Tonight, it seemed to be the first night and shall play on for another 3 nights more. A group of Thai tourists was there dishing out RM50.00 to the major performers while Rm10.00 to those in minor roles. They are going back to Thailand tomorrow. It reminded me of the sliding Malaysian currency – the Ringgit (RM) this year and currently at the unacceptable level of RM4.11 to USD1.00 caused by the prevailing conditions in our beloved country.

SP Lim

Economic news from Malaysia …
KUALA LUMPUR : The ringgit opened lower against the US dollar on Tuesday on relentless low risk appetite for the domestic currency, a trader said.
At 9.15 am, the ringgit was quoted at 4.1120/1200 against the greenback from 4.1020/1110 at 5pm yesterday.
“While external factors will continue to play a major role in determining the direction of Asian currencies, the ringgit has shown little sign of consolidating as spot rates begin to be quoted in a narrower spread,” said the trader.
The ringgit was traded mixed against a basket of major currencies this morning.
It depreciated further against the Singapore dollar to 2.9184/9245 from 2.9117/9202 on Monday and was traded lower against the yen at 3.3039/3116 from 3.2953/3028.
The local unit rebounded against the pound sterling to 6.4073/4214 from 6.4200/4358 and edged up against the euro to 4.5540/5637 from 4.5565/5677.


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