PASS Charity Concert at Dewan Sri Pinang on Friday, September 18, 2015   Leave a comment

1-PASS Concert 019
PASS Charity Concert at Dewan Sri Pinang on Friday, September 18, 2015 In a Charity Concert to raise another RM100,00.00 to build a budgetted expenditure of RM2 Million to build animal shelters for 1,500 dogs and 1,000 cats. IJM donated RM100,00.00.

SP Lim

Extracted from Facebook:-

Penang Animal Sanctuary Society
Non-profit Organisation
PASS is a proposed no-kill animal shelter, recently granted building plan approval, and currently undergoing land clearance and constructions.

PASS is formed by a group of animal lovers, with the intention to provide a solution for the independent animal rescuers in Penang island. PASS is NOT an animal rescue group.

The sanctuary has recently been granted the building plan approval and are currently undergoing land clearance and site constructions. Members currently channel all effort towards raising fund preparing for the building cost. Many also voluntary work with rescuers and support them in the form of food for the animals at their own expenses. As we understand that many rescuers are no longer able to take in more animals, we also assist public in need to publicise notices on animals available for adoption.

We try our very best but may not always have the resources to verify and update the adoption status. Kindly contact the respective rescuer/owner listed in each adoption album for more info, to check if the animal is still available, or to arrange for adoption. We thank you for your kind understanding.

Attn Rescuers: If you’d like to publish adoption notice here through us, kindly be ready to be the contact person, or at least have someone who can be the contact person. Your adoption notice will be published verbatim and we will not be able to become the contact person on behalf of you. If you have published an adoption notice here through us, do update us on the status (if the animal is being adopted, etc.), so potential adopters can have the latest info. This will also help to give other animals a chance to be adopted.

Disclaimer: PASS will only assist in publicising adoption/foster notices. All other forms of notices (eg: fund raising) will not be attended, and will be conducted by individual rescuer. This is to avoid irresponsible parties from abusing PASS’s name to conduct fake fund raising event.

We thank you for your great work and kind co-operation!


Chelsia Ng, reknown Malaysian singer/actress will be performing tonight at For the Love of Animals PASS Charity Concert 2015!


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