Love Letters – Mandarin Drama … Part 2   Leave a comment

11896096_917696694932679_1760410016650756168_nLOVE LETTERS (收信快樂) Mandarin Drama … Part 2 ( No subtitles )

LOVE LETTERS(收信快樂) is a script adapted from A.R Gurney’s LOVE LETTER by popular Taiwanese thespian – Shan Cheng Ju(單承矩)。It is directed by Huang Wei Hsiang(黃瓘翔)from Lyric’s Studio(人从众集體創作体), a theatre truope that was established by Wong Kuan Yuke. LOVE LETTER is a simple but touching play, leading the audience to understand a friendship between 2 people through more than 70 letters they have been writing to each other in 40 years.

《收信快樂》 這是個關於一對朋友的故事。短短兩個小時,帶我們穿越四十年,閱覽兩人之間七十多封親筆信所編織的點點滴滴。他們寫了一輩子的信,從童年到老去,相知而相惜,經過人生的滄海桑田,坦誠面對自我和現實的壓力,無論身在哪裡,對方永遠是一輩子的心靈燈塔。


DATE | 日期 :
24 – 25 Sep 2015 (Thu – Fri) @ 8:00pm
26 Sep 2015 (Sat) @ 2pm, 8:00pm

VENUE | 地點 :
stage 2, penangpac
檳城表演藝術中心 貳號劇場

RM 45 for Adults
RM 35 for Students, Physically-challenged, TAS / Senior Privilege Card Holders & Senior Citizens above 60

Drama | 戲劇
Performing Arts Centre of Penang (penangpac)


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