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The Photographic Society of Penang – 41st Committee 2015 to 2017   Leave a comment

The Photographic Society of Penang – 41st Committee 2015 to 2017

    The 41st PSP Committee (2015 to 2017)
    President :
    Ooi Kok Chuan
    Deputy President
    Chuang Kwong Sheuan
    Ong Tat Seng, Francis
    Hon. Secretary :
    Yeap Khee Yong
    Hon Treasurer :
    Goh Seong Por, Paul
    Competition Chairman :
    Lim Soo Peng
    Activities Chairman :
    Ang Chai Oun, Ivan
    Awards Chairman:
    Salon Chairman :
    Ooi Kok Chuan
    Web Master :
    Peter Ho Cheng Woh
    Committee Member :
    Chua Boon Keat
    Committee Member :
    Ong Chang Cheng, Jack
    Committee Member :
    Tan Tong Toon, Terry
    Committee Member :
    Han Luan Siew
    Committee Member :
    Khor Sek Min, Jeff
    Committee Member :
    Lim Boon Seang
    Committee Member :
    Sam Fei Lin, Adeline
    Committee Member :
    Leong Ho Jin
    Committee Member :
    Ong Pang Wei
    Auditor :
    Lee Lat Heng

Oath Taking Ceremony & Dinner 2015 was held on the
02 October 2015 at Ming Garden, Times Square at Dato Kramat Road, Penang.
This was an event shared with two other fellow Photographic Societies of Penang

PSP comm_photo

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