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My Maternal Grandfather’s Story   Leave a comment

My other Great-Grandmother of mine and “adopted mother” of my maternal Grandfather was Madam Yeoh Ai Lee. My Grandfather was named Teh Ban Bee as his ancestral family is from the Tehs. His story is even sadder and rather sorrowful. Emigrating to the Land of Opportunity/Milk and Honey was always on the Chinese migrants’ mind but this was proved not to be true at all. My Grandfather migrated to Malaya with his father to a place near Sitiawan. Grandfather’s father – my Great-Grandfather surnamed Teh work very hard and as he was alone, my Grandfather had to follow him when he went to work. Due to his very young age, he was even unaware when the neighbours asked him why his father had not come out of the house. When they found him, he was dead for sometime. Thus, he was left all alone in a strange newly adopted country.
News went around and soon a close uncle staying at Simpang Ampat, Semanggol, Perak was found. He was then adopted by this uncle with the surname of Lim. They had one female child. According to the narration, my Grandfather Teh Ban Bee was not liked by the adopted Great-Grandfather Lim and was forced to do hard work which included to take the younger daughter to school by piggy-back on his back every school day. He was 6 to 7 years older than her and was in his early teens. My grandfather told my mother how he longed to eat a Malay kuih (cake) like kuih talam sold at the coffee shop next door to their Bicycle Repairs Shop. He accidentally broke a glass pane of a display counter of the Bicycle Repairs Shop and was scolded for weeks when he looked greedily at the cakes thus was not careful. In addition to the adoption, he was also supposedly to change his surname from “Teh” to “Lim”. That’s explain why some of my maternal aunties have the “Lim” surname. Surprisingly, when my father Lim Khuat Seng @ Lim Wooi Boon proposed to my mother, Grandfather Teh Ban Bee was happy as he said he change back to old surname and he changed my mother’s surname too as it was the time identity cards were introduced in Malaya.
When he was given a car to operate a taxi but he did not work hard enough and started, like my paternal Grandfather Lim Chong Poh, to play mahjong – a gambling game. My Great-Grandmother Yeoh Ai Lee, loved two of my aunties who lived in Bagan Serai some distance away from Simpang Ampat. She would chopped the two drumsticks from a boiled chicken and asked my Grandfather Teh to deliver to Bagan Serai for two of them to enjoy the chicken. When my Grandfather Teh recalled and told the story to my mother, he grinned and admitted he ate the drumsticks to his satisfaction and went off to play mahjong instead of making the delivery.
Please do not blame me if I am a great gambler due to my DNA inherited from my ancestors. However, I am the one who gambles to enjoy the games in a small way and never gambles big to make tons of money. Story will continue when I conduct more interviews.

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