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The Courtship of my parents
From my recent conversation with my mother of how did she met my father for the first time. From her mouth, came out this interesting. It happened during one rainy day when my father Khuat Seng was seeking shelter from the rain. He stood under the verandah roof of my mother’s wooden building which was a coffee shop, located at Sungai Jawi. There were 9 houses in the same block. He looked into the rain and saw this pretty girl Siew Yam or Ah Hwa (Flowers) driving a flock of ducks across a bridge in the rain with a long bamboo stick. He was, of course, attracted but did not fall in love at the first sight as he was on the way to a school located a few metres away to teach Japanese Language. This period was during the Japanese Occupation of Malaya. This school located at Sungai Jawi was actually across town in the southern part where he was staying at Kampong Baru located to the northern end of Jawi Town. He was immensely curious to find out where did this girl stayed. He made his way to school after the rain and they were not to meet after a few years in another Chinese School located to the northern tip of Jawi Town.
This time around my father has become a book and stationery seller with his close friend Tan Huck Boon as the Japanese Army had surrendered and left Malaya then. My mum was telling me she got the best deal was her prices compared to the other fellow students, was the lowest not knowing the “secret admirer” was giving special discounts. In addition to the book-selling effort, my dad also sold delicious Nyonya Kuih/Cakes made by his aunty at the school canteen. My mother said they made special spare monetary change in the form a hand-drawn coins which could be used with the hawkers in the same school canteen. The very own school currency in the school canteen was born.
To be continued as I was leaving to go home.

SP Lim

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