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The old Theatre and the Restaurant   Leave a comment

The old Theatre and the Restaurant
I took these photographs during a short street shooting stint – on the way back from breakfast at Macalister Lane, Penang. I has not been to Macalister Lane for some years even I stayed in Penang. Now, even Ah Hock’s Koay Teow Th’ng has a female assistant to help him. The contents of the noodles in the bowl was smaller and was charged for RM4.00 for the bowl. Taste is lesser delicious in my opinion. I regret that Economy Rice stall had closed for sometime as the Fried Fish in sambal/chillies was a delicious dish. The koay kak or fried small chunks of rice cakes was still delicious as usual with the nasi lemak in packets they were selling. Parking the car opposite at Jalan Khoo Sian Ewe and Jalan Phee Choon (next to Penang Police HQ), there was an old theatre which we used to patronize with my parents and my younger in the past. Was it known in Hockien or Thai Wah or was it Teong Sun? Must be the Majestic. Now, it is being restored for some use as George Town of Penang is now the UNESCO’s World Heritage Site thus old colonial-styled or other old existing buildings cannot be pull down anymore. No new buildings higher than 4 storeys are allowed to be built in this heritage zone.
Noticed an old VW van parked by the Loke Thye Kee Restaurant at the corner. This restaurant use to serve delicious Hainanese cuisine in the past. Now, it served halal (without pork) Hainanese-styled food.

SP Lim

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