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The Wayang Koh Maak Presentation at the Kampung Siam, Penang – Part 2   Leave a comment

The Wayang Koh Maak Presentation at the Kampung Siam, Penang – Part 2

As time progresses into the modern era, development and economic advancement seemed to take the centre stage. Originally, the British Colonial Administration had given this piece of land ( in the jungle of Penang Island ) to the Thai and Burmese Communities to stay and develop. Sometime later. there was a split between the two Communities and it was each Community inherit their own piece of land which the Burmese built the Dhammikarama Burmese Buddhist Temple and a small piece opposite the current Temple. The Thai Community built the Wai Chaiya Mangalaram Thai Buddhist Temple along the road known as Burmah Lane. Hehehe, this Thai Temple shall be my future home when I passed away in the future as I had bought a niche here for storage of my ashes, beside my late wife. Anyway, fast-track to the present day, the Trustees of the Thai Community had joined in a development scheme to build a low-budget hotel on this land. In the process, the local villagers staying here need to move away. The case is now in the Courts for judgement.

SP Lim

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