Sunrise from Penang Hill   8 comments

1-PSP PgHill Outing 5D 005
1-PSP PgHill Outing 5D 018
1-PSP PgHill Outing 5D 0411-PSP PgHill Outing 5D 065
1-PSP PgHill Outing 5D 094Sunrise from Penang Hill
Just finished shooting at the Photographic Society of Penang (PSP) Penang Hill’s Outing – Sunrise and Monkey Cup Garden this morning of Sunday, December 20, 2015 … the sun did not make its scheduled appearance this morning due to the cloudy and misty condition so we just took the landscape that was in front of us instead. I took my 70-200 mm lens and shot the photographs of the Penang Bridges – the First and the Second linking Penang Island to the Mainland.
SP Lim
1-PSP PgHill Outing 5D 159
1-PSP PgHill Outing 70D 019
1-PSP PgHill Outing 70D 022

The photographs were taken from early morning at 6.45 am till 8.00 am. Later in the morning the mist started to roll in and thus the photographs were less sharp than usual.
SP Lim


8 responses to “Sunrise from Penang Hill

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  1. A mystical sunrise. Nice. I appreciate your visits and likes on my blog.


  2. Excellent pictures. Well done! 🙂


  3. Such a beautiful sunrise! Thanks for sharing it with us.


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