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Street and Shopping Mall Photography in Penang   1 comment

Street and Shopping Mall Photography today ( Thursday, January 7, 2016 ) from 12.20 pm onwards was undertaken by a trio of photographers including the blogger. We were late as we were waiting for the service personnel to take our gas oven away for repairs and they came late as usual. We went down towards the city in the direction of the Cititel Hotel, Penang Road to meet up with Michael Chuan and Bertrand Linet. Muntri Street, where Bertrand was staying, was closed to traffic as they were shooting a movies there. From there we drove to Little India nearby to find parking space but none was available. We drove towards the MBPP Car Park at Beach Street and finally found two parking lots for our cars. At Beach Street, we happened to meet Peter Ho, a master photographer from my Photographic Society of Penang (PSP) but he was waiting for his wife who was shopping nearby. We walked along Queen Street and started shooting a secret project which we shall reveal next week on its completion. Back to the car park but we took Michael’s car and soon we were off to Armenian Street, Cannon Street, Acheen Street and Jalan Lumut to shoot the wall murals (to be featured tomorrow). After the shooting, it was back to Chulia Street to shoot the wall murals at the Grand Swiss Hotel’s lane. Soon it was lunch time, we wanted to go to Say Kong Hooi for lunch but it was closed so it was to Penang Times Square for lunch. The new section of the Penang Times Square had blossomed into something beautifully-created artistically and “foreign” with Japanese, Korean, and Thai themes. Of course, the local and native products are not forgotten. There is a Nyonya and Baba Section too. Quite some time was spent photo-shooting after our simple lunch of clay-pot chicken rice at the Mall’s Food Centre. The day ended quite satisfactorily for the trio of photographers though not with exceptional photographs but with quite amateurish looking ones. These photographs shall be featured over the next few days of blogging. Nothing attempted, nothing gained as they say.

SP Lim

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