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Street Art and the newer Wall Murals of George Town, Penang   4 comments

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This is a wall mural painted in a private car park along Beach Street – the banking area.
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A closer look at the old ark.

    Street Art and the newer Wall Murals of George Town, Penang

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On the opposite site of the private car park is this wall mural of a rural Malay lady.
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Though the paint is more pastel and faint, the wall mural is shown here, painted along the whole stretch of the shop-house. These old shop-houses can stretch up to 120 to 200 feet in length.
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This is a newer wall mural at Jalan (Road in Malay) Lumut, off Acheen Street, George Town – of the old Indian lady in prayers. However, I just managed to take a photograph yesterday (Thursday, January 7, 2016) as I was too busy to shoot the wall mural.
1-PhotoShoot Gtown 5D 153
Another angle of the wall mural showing the full extend of the tree shrub till the roof of the house. It seemed someone had chopped off the branches thus spoiling the original feel of the painting. What a senseless act of vandalism!
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Some residents in Penang are actually captivated by two persons in the movies world – namely the late actress, Marilyn Monroe here and …
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Mr Bean, the comedian and actor Rowan Atkinson, from UK, of course. Probably, they just think of sexy ladies and laughter as a good cure to the current Malaysian politics.

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