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Our own local Penangite Artist and Painter ~ Mr. Khong Tum Chong   10 comments

Our own local Penangite Artist and Painter ~ Mr. Khong Tum Chong
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Our Tribute to our own local Penangite artist, Mr Khong Tum Chong, who was seen painting the nearly completed Taoist Door Guardians from his own sketch, in George Town, Penang. We are proud of your fine work. Wall murals or Street Art in George Town, Penang were well-known due to foreign artists from Lithuania and lately a female artist from Siberia. I shall be shooting her works tomorrow.

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Street art and wall murals were famous by Ernest Zacharevic (born 1986 in Lithuania) who is a multidisciplinary contemporary and public artist based in Penang, Malaysia.
From Wikipedia:-
In 2012, Zacharevic received worldwide recognition after creating a series of six street art murals for the George Town Culture festival in Penang, Malaysia, with the BBC calling him Malaysia’s answer to Banksy. These images depict scenes of everyday Malaysian life using local people as the models. The two most popular are Children on Bicycle and Boy on Motorcycle; a combination of installation and painting allows the outside community to interact with the works. These murals now stand as cultural landmarks in Georgetown, complete with plaques and constant cues of people waiting to have their photographs taken with the works.
Zacharevic held his first solo show in Penang in 2012 at the Hin Bus Depot, a centre for arts and culture located in Georgetown Art is Rubbish Rubbish is Art. A collection of 30 plus works painted on reclaimed and found materials.

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