The Super Bike Rider going no-where   7 comments

1-PhotoShoot Gtown 5D 451
The Super Bike Rider going no-where

The model is the blogger himself in action on a stationary sculpture shaped like a super motor-cycle (as in Terminator?) found in a shopping mall.

SP Lim

1-PhotoShoot Gtown 70D 207-001
1-PhotoShoot Gtown 5D 449-001

7 responses to “The Super Bike Rider going no-where

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  1. Are you the “good” Terminator or the “evil” one?

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  2. Ohhhh 🙂

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  3. Oooophs, ran out of petrol … now must push. Sigh!


  4. Really cool! I love motobikes and the Terminator movies.

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