Boat trip to the river mouth   4 comments

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Boat trip to the river mouth

After a whole day without electricity. I am back at 7.45 pm after Tenaga “rewired the loose connections” of my 3-phased supply. Thanks to Chye Hong’s wiremen for “pulling out the plugs” of all electrical appliances as we thought it was short-circuit problem which was of a more common occurrence in my house. They checked every possibility and said that Tenaga meter is the problem and they are right. It was hot and sticky day because of no fan, no internet, no blogging, no TV, no fridge, no washing machine, and we are so dependent on electricity in modern time. Felt so helpless and “depressed”. Anyway, all things said it is back to normal again. I can do my blog entry again from now. Better late than never.

Tenaga is the sole Malaysia’s National Electrical Utility Company.

SP Lim
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After spending sometime walking around the small town – the equivalent of a large fishing village, we boarded our two assigned boats each ferrying 10 to 15 passengers. Everyone was required to wear a orange-coloured life jacket as a precautionary measure. Luckily, the rivers in Perak has not reported sightings of crocodiles for many years.
We passed acres and acres of Mangrove Swamps – that is why this area is also famous for the manufacture of charcoal, a cheap source of fuel for cooking in the rural areas. Some, there are white migratory egrets on these trees and barren branches. After about 15 minutes, we are right at the river mouth. In the centre, one can see a floating restaurant in red and orange. It is also served a lodging house for those interested at the rate of RM150.00 per night with a seafood dinner thrown in, as advertised by the boat-man. However, our objective for the day, was to shoot the eagles here and not for food and recreation. There are also fish cages for rearing of fishes for consumption. Trash fishes are fed to these fishes which are sold once these fishes are of suitable size. Next we headed towards the fishing village known by the locals as “Lau Kang” or translated as “Old River” Fishing Village or presently known as Kuala Sangga with a varying population staying there. Currently, a local villager said ony 28 occupants are around there as it was Sunday.
More interesting facts on the village on my next blog.

SP Lim
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