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Passing Away of A Great Uncle   14 comments

Passing Away of A Great Uncle
Words from Suzie Ong, her youngest daughter,
Heaven! That’s where Pa’s beautiful soul has gone to. Even as we mourn Pa’s passing on, we are also given the privilege to accord and honour Pa a red funeral befitting his longevity. Pa has indeed led a blissful and healthy life, right up to his ripe old age. He leaves us with an abundance of happy memories that we shall cherish forever ♡

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My mother and myself shall be away this week-end to attend our Uncle’s funeral in PJ. Deepest condolences to my Aunty (my late father’s fourth sister) and the family. My uncle had lived a very rich and happy life and I was also personally involved when I stayed with the family in Taiping during my school holidays and during my pharmacy training with the Government Medical Stores (GMS) in Petaling Jaya during varsity days. We shall surely miss you.

NOTE: The blogger shall be away in Petaling Jaya and Kuala Lumpur for his uncle’s funeral ceremony and rites, till next coming Monday, January 25,2016. My humble apologies to all of you if I cannot view your blogs for the next few days.
As per local Malaysian of Chinese origin, the age of the dead person is added another 3 years to his original age if one dies below 90 years old. For example, Mr X died at the age of 80 years old, in his obituary the age is stated as 80 + 3 = 83 years old. As my uncle is above 90, another 5 years are added to his age of 92 on his death. Thus, the age stated is 97 years old.

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