The Church at the fishing village   2 comments

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The Church is swarmed by tourists from the visiting river boats from Kuala Sepetang.

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The Church at the fishing village
There is an interesting fact which even the older and elder villagers could not explain here. This is the fishing village of Kuala Sangga or Lau Kang (in Hokkien) aka Old River Fishing Village located at the river mouth of Kuala Sepetang (formerly Port Weld). This so-called “fishing village” was rumoured to be the “stopping place” of pirates and smugglers in the past. What is the interesting fact about the Church then? The river is known as Sungai Sangga Besar (Big Sangga River). The river that flows along Kuala Sepetang town is known as Sungai Sepetang (Sepetang River).
The answer is there is no Christian or Christian followers in this “flock” of fishing folks in the historical past and present day! So, the question is ” How come this Church was built in the first place? “. There is NO answer forthcoming from the villagers. Was this Church built to please the colonial masters then? This remined a mystery still. The current villagers also prayed to “Virgin Mary” idol like the other Taoist dieties in the other 3 Taoist Temples in the same fishing village. The Church is well maintained and have even candles burning in the Church itself. It has become a unique tourist attraction though not in the likes of Notre Dame in France. However, I can see a box requesting for donations beside the Virgin Mary statue.
The current population in this smallish floating fishing village is only accessible by boats only from Sungai Sangga Besar (Big Sangga River). There is no connecting road as it is surrounded by mangrove swamps thus the population is variable to the fishing season. We were told in a small primary school here, there are only 19 students with 11 teachers. What an unbelievable ratio of 1:2 of teacher to student in Malaysian educational standard! definitely the students shall do well in public examinations. I had no opportunity of asking these questions as School was closed as it was Sunday.

SP Lim
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The Church in a fishing village of non-Christians
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For interest and information, extracted from Wikipedia:-

In 2010, the religious make-up of residents in Perak was:

Muslims: 55.3%
Buddhists: 25.4%
Hindu: 10.9%
Christians: 4.3%
Taoists, or followers of other Chinese folk religion: 1.7%
Followers of other religions: 1.5%
Non-religious: 0.9%

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The Church in a fishing village of non-Christians That is the beauty of the multi-religious, multi-cultural and multi-lingual mix of Malaysians in the past as religious tolerance is paramount and very well respected and observed.

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  1. That’s an interesting mystery.

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  2. I shall there again to investigate further if my health permits. Hahaha.


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