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From inside the shopping mall   2 comments

Stroll in PTikus 026

Stroll in PTikus 031

Stroll in PTikus 032

Stroll in PTikus 033

Stroll in PTikus 034

Stroll in PTikus 035

Stroll in PTikus 038

Stroll in PTikus 039

Stroll in PTikus 058

Stroll in PTikus 062

Stroll in PTikus 065

Stroll in PTikus 066

Extra Bonus Day of the Leap Year 2016   3 comments

Trip Downtown 001

Trip Downtown 002

Trip Downtown 004

Quickly to the wet market of Chowrasta Market along Penang Road to take some chicken meat. The Chowrasta Market was recently upgraded by the Penang State Government (under Opposition Party’s rule) after its poor state for many years under the ruling party’s rule in Penang.

Trip Downtown 006

Trip Downtown 007

Trip Downtown 008

The above 3 photographs show the street scene of Kimberlet Street – the road near Chowrasta Market which was recentlt upgraded after many years. The searing afternoon sun discourage shoppers to come out at this time.

Trip Downtown 009

Trip Downtown 010

The last two photographs show Beach Street – our banking area in George Town, I have to settle my Visa Card payment by tomorrow to avoid interest payment.

SP Lim

The crack-down on “offensive” web-sites has started??? Cannot access many other sites of my fellow bloggers!!! Extra bonus day of the Leap Year marks the start??? Cannot even blog on my own web-site until now!!!

This is due to political reason/s as many are blogging about the rampant corruption among many Federal politicians in Malaysia. Penang State Government is being run by politicians of Opposition Parties instead of the Barisan Nasional (National Front) Parties.

Leaping into the Future ~ today of 29 February is a unique dated post. Next Post of this date is 4 years from now.   2 comments

Calendar 001

IMPORTANT NOTE : Leaping into the Future ~ today of 29 February is a unique dated post. Next Post of this date of 29 February is 4 years from now so let us make a special effort to make today as one with the MOST posts of the Year 2016!
So, fellow bloggers – make a POST today !

SP Lim

Taking a slow Sunday stroll to lunch   5 comments

Stroll in PTikus 001

Stroll in PTikus 003

Stroll in PTikus 004

Stroll in PTikus 006Taking a slow Sunday stroll to lunch
Following the Friday night scare of having extreme pain on both my legs, I felt it is more worthwhile to exercise my legs and feet. I wondered whether I shall be wheel-chair bound if I cannot use my legs anymore. Can I face that type of situation as a senior citizen, retiree and photographer who goes to every nook and corner to photo-shoot anything of interest to me ? Good question but impossible answers.
Taking my camera with me and acting a role as a tourist in town of Pulau Tikus (translated as Island of Mouse) where I live presently, away I venture “into the world”. Slowly with my painful limbs, I took a slow stroll with “sliding” footwork instead of bold strides foot-steps. We are heading towards the Gurney Paragon Mall and the Gurney Plaza – where I need to pay off my Standard-Chartered Bank Visa payments. Slow and steady in the hot sun but clear blue sky and probably take the free bus to a bus stop near my home on the return trip. Known to be “stingy” or rather “frugal” as one of the prominent characteristics of Penangite – rumoured to have the most millionaires per population figures in Malaysia without pocketing any “corruption” money. FREE is always an attractive word to any true-blooded Penangite, I assume.

SP Lim

Stroll in PTikus 017

Stroll in PTikus 014

Stroll in PTikus 010

Stroll in PTikus 006

Stroll in PTikus 018

Stroll in PTikus 021

Stroll in PTikus 083

Stroll in PTikus 029

Weekly Photo Challenge – State of Mind of Pain, Panic and Pill   21 comments

Weekly Photo Challenge – “State of Mind of Pain, Panic and Pill’

This week, let your inner world and the outside one converge in a photo.

Photos show us the surface of things, but they often tell much deeper stories about the objects they depict — and about the people who take them.
Pills 004
My Thought

Only last night even before I know of this week’s photo challenge, I have this dreadful pain on both my feet and heels which might be usual for me as a senior citizen. I simply cannot get up and walk to the toilet. Suddenly, the state of mind was focussed to be in a healthy condition and dissolved into pain and panic as if I cannot walk I shall need a wheel-chair and had to be wheeled around in future. I forced myself even with the unbearable pain to walk a few steps towards the toilet. On the way, stopped by the side table and took the magical pill of pain-killer even with an empty stomach. I have always stayed away from pain-killers and other NSAIDs (Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs) as far as possible and take them when the situation is unbearable. Yes, now is the time! It was probably due to my recent diet of taking too many bean-related products.

After half hour later, the pain has subsided and the ” Peaceful and Relief ” State of Mind has returned. Limped into the kitchen to take some biscuits with coffee and back to bed. The one of the eventful night of a senior citizen.

SP Lim
Retired Pharmacist also gets unwell.

State of Mind

The 9th International Methodist English High School Reunion on 16th. February, 2016 in Penang – Part 2   4 comments

School Reunion 70D 008
This photograph shows my mother in her usual sarong kebaya Nyonya dress, sister – Cindy also in the Nyonya-styled dress & sarong and brother-in-law – Dennis Tan in batik shirt. Dennis is the Chairman of the Organizing Committee of the School Reunion in Malaysia.

School Reunion 70D 020

School Reunion 70D 043

School Reunion 70D 046

School Reunion 70D 049

The 9th International Methodist English High School Reunion on 16th & 17th February, 2016 in Penang

This is a Pre-Conference Tour of Penang before the actual Reunion to be held at Putrajaya on 20th and 21st February, 2016. The first night dinner was held at the Blue Mansion, Leith Street.

SP Lim

School Reunion 70D 051

School Reunion 70D 062

School Reunion 70D 064

School Reunion 70D 067

School Reunion 70D 079

School Reunion 70D 091

School Reunion 70D 095

School Reunion 70D 096

School Reunion 70D 111

School Reunion 70D 117

School Reunion 70D 136

School Reunion 70D 158

The 9th International Methodist English High School Reunion on 16th & 17th February, 2016 in Penang   2 comments

School Reunion 5D 087

School Reunion 5D 109

School Reunion 5D 112

School Reunion 5D 138

The 9th International Methodist English High School Reunion on 16th & 17th February, 2016 in Penang

This is the Methodist English High School of Yangon of Myanmar (Burma)

From the Wikipedia:-

Educational system in Burma

Anglo-Burmans were enrolled in missionary-run schools where English was the medium of instruction with Burmese as a second language. For some Anglo-Burmans who married full blooded Burmese, their children, whilst still being counted as Anglo-Burmans, were usually more openly exposed to the indigenous culture and spoke and used the Burmese language more frequently than their more “Anglo” counterparts. Notable schools include:

Cushing High School, Rangoon
Methodist English High School, Rangoon
St. Augustine’s School, Rangoon
St. John’s Convent, Rangoon
St. John’s High School, Rangoon
St. Luke’s High School, Rangoon
St. Mary’s Convent, Rangoon
St. Paul’s High School, Rangoon
St. Philip’s High School, Rangoon
St. Philomena’s Convent, Rangoon
St. Joseph’s Convent, Mandalay
St. Peter’s High School, Mandalay
Wesley High School, Mandalay
Diocesan High School, Rangoon
Government English High School (GEHS), Maymyo
Kingswood High School, Kalaw, Southern Shan State
St. Agnes Convent, Kalaw
St. Albert’s High School, Maymyo
St. John the Baptist School, Toungoo
St. Michael’s School, Maymyo
St. Patrick’s High School, Moulmein
St. Joseph’s Convent, Moulmein

School Reunion 5D 017

School Reunion 5D 021

School Reunion 5D 043

School Reunion 5D 074

School Reunion 5D 082

School Reunion 5D 175

School Reunion 5D 215

School Reunion 5D 273

School Reunion 5D 336

The Cheong Fatt Tze Mansion (Malay: Rumah Agam Cheong Fatt Tze) of the Blue Mansion is located at 14 Leith Street, 10200 George Town, Penang, Malaysia. The mansion’s indigo-blue outer wall makes it a very distinct building in the area.

School Reunion 70D 149

Taking a stroll during Chinese New Year   7 comments

PHS Chneah Hoay 011

PHS Chneah Hoay 012

PHS Chneah Hoay 013

PHS Chneah Hoay 015

Taking a stroll during Chinese New Year

PHS Chneah Hoay 017

PHS Chneah Hoay 018

PHS Chneah Hoay 021

PHS Chneah Hoay 314

PHS Chneah Hoay 317

PHS Chneah Hoay 335

Last night or Chap Goh Meh of the Chinese New Year 2016 Year of the Monkey Celebration in Penang   4 comments

This is the Floating Kuan Yin Temple, Hean Boo Thean, at Weld Quay, Penang

HBT ChapGohMeh 115

Last night or Chap Goh Meh (Monday, 22 February, 2016) of the Chinese New Year 2016 Year of the Monkey Celebration in Penang … the Fireworks on smaller scale than past years at the Floating Kuan Yin Temple Hean Boo Thean at Weld Quay, Penang.

HBT ChapGohMeh 072

Last night or Chap Goh Meh of the Chinese New Year 2016 Year of the Monkey Celebration in Penang … the Fireworks at the Esplanade is very much better and different.

HBT ChapGohMeh 189

HBT ChapGohMeh 172

I was the only one at Tan Jetty to shoot the fireworks by the Floating Kuan Yin Temple, Hean Boo Thean, scheduled to be at 9.30 pm and 11.00 pm. However, I managed to shoot the first session only but not the later one as it was approaching 12.00 midnight. I left the Tan Jetty as cannot wait any longer as it is Chap Lap Meh (16th Night) and not Chap Goh Meh (15th Night) as the concert there is still in full swing which can be clearly across the incoming tide.

SP Lim

HBT ChapGohMeh 138

Penang Chinese New Year Celebration – Part 2   2 comments

CNY Celebrations 390

CNY Celebrations 393

Penang Chinese New Year Celebration – Part 2

CNY Celebrations 406

CNY Celebrations 407

CNY Celebrations 434

CNY Celebrations 443

CNY Celebrations 448

CNY Celebrations 458

CNY Celebrations 548

CNY Celebrations 585

CNY Celebrations 732

1-CNY Celebrations 478

Tonight of Monday 22 January 2016 or Chap Goh Meh marks the end of the Chinese New Year 2016 Year of the Monkey in Penang. Till next year 2017 – the Year of the Rooster. we shall celebrate again.

SP Lim

Message from my sister, Cindy Lim:-

” Wishing Everyone A Very Happy Chap Goh Meh aka The Chinese Valentine’s Day. According to the Baba & Nyonya Traditions the “Young & Single” Ladies will be throwing Mandarin Oranges into the sea in the hope of finding a suitor for marriage. Tonight also marks the end to the 15 days of celebrating the Chinese New Year.

However, it will never be complete and over for me without Mom’s dessert de “PUNGAT” (Pengat, Bubur Cha Cha). ”