Walking about the exterior of the Charcoal Factory of Kuala Sepetang   5 comments

1-PSP Outing KSepetang 2878

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Walking about the exterior of the Charcoal Factory of Kuala Sepetang

After the photo-shooting of the eagles, it was the trip to the charcoal factory for the Photographic Society of Penang (PSP) Outing. We walked around the factories in the area. Bakau or mangrove wood is commonly used to make the charcoal.

SP Lim

1-PSP Outing KSepetang 2894

From Wikipedia:-

Charcoal is a light, black residue, consisting of carbon and any remaining ash, obtained by removing water and other volatile constituents from animal and vegetation substances. Charcoal is usually produced by slow pyrolysis, the heating of wood or other substances in the absence of oxygen (see char and biochar). It is usually an impure form of carbon as it contains ash; however, sugar charcoal is among the purest forms of carbon readily available, particularly if it is not made by heating but by a dehydration reaction with sulfuric acid to minimise the introduction of new impurities, as impurities can be removed from the sugar in advance. The resulting soft, brittle, lightweight, black, porous material resembles coal.

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Common charcoal is made from peat, coal, wood, coconut shell, or petroleum. “Activated charcoal” is similar to common charcoal, but is made especially for use as a medicine. To make activated charcoal, manufacturers heat common charcoal in the presence of a gas that causes the charcoal to develop lots of internal spaces or “pores.” These pores help activated charcoal “trap” chemicals.

1-PSP Outing KSepetang 2967

1-PSP Outing KSepetang 2985


5 responses to “Walking about the exterior of the Charcoal Factory of Kuala Sepetang

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  1. Excellent pictures and topic.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Thank you for the kind comment.


  3. The owners of the factory must find use of the excess heat wasted during the process. It’s Energy wasted.


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