From inside of the Charcoal Factory of Kuala Sepetang   4 comments

1-PSP KSepetang Outing 70D 125

1-PSP KSepetang Outing 70D 128

1-PSP KSepetang Outing 70D 129

1-PSP KSepetang Outing 70D 133

1-PSP KSepetang Outing 70D 134

From inside of the Charcoal Factory of Kuala Sepetang
Yesterday, we – the PSP Photographers – were walking outside the Charcoal Factory to choose a good location for our photo-shooting. We noticed an aged diligent Malay work working at the kilns. He was sieving small pieces of charcoal from an empty oil barrel. He told us these small bits of charcoal are excellent for use of grilling satay and barbecue meat. For the current Chinese New Year festivities falling this week-end, it is good for making “love-letters” – a sweet folded crispy flat “biscuits” for the festival in our local Malaysian Chinese community. He told us the whole sackful of the plastic bag of these bits of charcoal is being sold for RM12.00 per bag or equivalent less than US$4.00 at current exchange rate. Maybe, I heard wrongly but it is “dirt cheap” in my opinion. The Photographic Society of Penang did pay some consolation monetary reward to our manual “model” aka the charcoal worker for the services rendered. Thank you.

SP Lim

1-PSP Outing KSepetang 3017

1-PSP Outing KSepetang 3025

1-PSP Outing KSepetang 3072

1-PSP Outing KSepetang 3081

We were warned not to change our lenses inside the Charcoal Factory but throwing caution to the wind, I did change my lenses as the photographing opportunity was too tempting to miss a single frame. Just like the smallish “microscopic-sized” sand at the Vietnamese sand-dunes, here at this Charcoal Factory, we also encountered the smallish ash-sized charcoal particles too. It shall be unfortunate if my lens get spoilt again like the last time I used in the Vietnamese sand-dunes.

1-PSP Outing KSepetang 3088

1-PSP Outing KSepetang 3100

1-PSP Outing KSepetang 3209

1-PSP Outing KSepetang 3226

1-PSP Outing KSepetang 3390

1-PSP Outing KSepetang 3484


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  1. Great series! Thanks for sharing!

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  2. These are interesting and beautiful, thanks for sharing!

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