Wall Murals at Nagore Square, Penang   4 comments

1-Penang Time Square 190

1-Penang Time Square 191

1-Penang Time Square 199

Wall Murals at Nagore Square, Penang
Apart from the numerous and more well-known wall murals in the Heritage Enclave in the City of George Town, Penang – there are also wall murals at the outskirts of the area of the City. George Town is the joint UNESCO’s World Heritage Site together with City of Malacca, Malaysia.
There are also many artists in Penang including my younger son, Chuan Shin.


SP Lim

1-Penang Time Square 173-001

1-Penang Time Square 178

1-Penang Time Square 184

1-Penang Time Square 188

1-Penang Time Square 197

1-Penang Time Square 202

1-Penang Time Square 204

1-Penang Time Square 208

1-Penang Time Square 214

1-Penang Time Square 229

1-Penang Time Square 238


4 responses to “Wall Murals at Nagore Square, Penang

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  1. Oh my favorite topic – street art!!! Had no clue about Nogore Square! This work looks fantastic too! Thanks for sharing this…. #bucketlist
    Bet you must have read these articles of mine on Street Art http://wp.me/p5Al7s-56 and http://wp.me/p5Al7s-bk


  2. Great collection! I wrote one post on the street artists from around the world..you can find it here – http://reflectionsontheriver.wordpress.com/2015/08/29/funteresting-episode-5/


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