Thai Floating Market comes to Penang   5 comments

1-Penang Time Square 106

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1-Penang Time Square 111

Thai Floating Market comes to Penang
A mock-up replica of a Thai Floating Market of small boats or sampans with many varieties of Thai fruits and vegetables only, took shape in a shopping mall in George Town, Penang. The shopping mall management has come up with foreign country-based themes for decorations in this shopping mall. The creativity is drawing a lot of shoppers and visitors to this new shopping mall even with outstation tourists (from other States outside Penang).
Happy shopping, happy visiting and happy shooting for photographers like us.

SP Lim

1-Penang Time Square 112

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1-Penang Time Square 120

5 responses to “Thai Floating Market comes to Penang

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  1. I can understand that this makes people to shop, it is really looking fresh and delicious. And beautiful colours and photos.


  2. Interesting. It’s like Italy meets Asia.


  3. Well I guess it’s not hunger that causes gluttony, it’s all about.. colors! šŸ™‚


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