Penang Chinese New Year Celebration 2016   4 comments

Penang Chinese New Year Celebration 2016

Penang Chinese New Year Celebration 2016


Penang Chinese New Year Celebration 2016

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Penang Chinese New Year Celebration 2016
My left leg was having some pain and I was rather reluctant to go down to Esplanade to capture some photographs for the Facebook site. I had missed last year’s CNY Celebration due to other function. So, finally I decided to go down and when I reached the Esplanade, it was raining very heavily. Pulling my rain-coat from my bag, I walked towards the Town Hall to seek shelter. Finally, tha rain stopped after the arrival of the Chief Minister. The function got started after a delay of half-an-hour. However, I had no Official Photographer as I was forced to stay outside the enclosure. it was indeed kind of a Sunseeker Official who passed an Official Photographer lanyard to me that I was able to enter the restricted enclosure for VIP’s. Thank you, bro.
After shooting at the Official Opening, I went around the area to photo-shoot the activities missing some interesting set-ups. It started to rain again at around 9.00 pm. I called it a night at 9.30 pm due the rain.

SP Lim


4 responses to “Penang Chinese New Year Celebration 2016

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  1. You got som really great photos of the celebration. Spectacular in colours and costumes.

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  2. What a colorful and celebratory post. I enjoyed your thorough coverage and am glad I saw the photographs. Nice.

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  3. Thank you and I shall post more photographs of this Celebration in due course of time.


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