The 9th International Methodist English High School Reunion on 16th & 17th February, 2016 in Penang   2 comments

School Reunion 5D 087

School Reunion 5D 109

School Reunion 5D 112

School Reunion 5D 138

The 9th International Methodist English High School Reunion on 16th & 17th February, 2016 in Penang

This is the Methodist English High School of Yangon of Myanmar (Burma)

From the Wikipedia:-

Educational system in Burma

Anglo-Burmans were enrolled in missionary-run schools where English was the medium of instruction with Burmese as a second language. For some Anglo-Burmans who married full blooded Burmese, their children, whilst still being counted as Anglo-Burmans, were usually more openly exposed to the indigenous culture and spoke and used the Burmese language more frequently than their more “Anglo” counterparts. Notable schools include:

Cushing High School, Rangoon
Methodist English High School, Rangoon
St. Augustine’s School, Rangoon
St. John’s Convent, Rangoon
St. John’s High School, Rangoon
St. Luke’s High School, Rangoon
St. Mary’s Convent, Rangoon
St. Paul’s High School, Rangoon
St. Philip’s High School, Rangoon
St. Philomena’s Convent, Rangoon
St. Joseph’s Convent, Mandalay
St. Peter’s High School, Mandalay
Wesley High School, Mandalay
Diocesan High School, Rangoon
Government English High School (GEHS), Maymyo
Kingswood High School, Kalaw, Southern Shan State
St. Agnes Convent, Kalaw
St. Albert’s High School, Maymyo
St. John the Baptist School, Toungoo
St. Michael’s School, Maymyo
St. Patrick’s High School, Moulmein
St. Joseph’s Convent, Moulmein

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School Reunion 5D 021

School Reunion 5D 043

School Reunion 5D 074

School Reunion 5D 082

School Reunion 5D 175

School Reunion 5D 215

School Reunion 5D 273

School Reunion 5D 336

The Cheong Fatt Tze Mansion (Malay: Rumah Agam Cheong Fatt Tze) of the Blue Mansion is located at 14 Leith Street, 10200 George Town, Penang, Malaysia. The mansion’s indigo-blue outer wall makes it a very distinct building in the area.

School Reunion 70D 149


2 responses to “The 9th International Methodist English High School Reunion on 16th & 17th February, 2016 in Penang

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  1. I was a student of M.E.H.S from 1949 – 1956. I was known as Antonia Moses and it would have been just wonderful if the names of the participants in the reunion of February 2016 had been included. I was trying to identify by the faces which was well nigh an impossibility!


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