Taking a slow Sunday stroll to lunch   5 comments

Stroll in PTikus 001

Stroll in PTikus 003

Stroll in PTikus 004

Stroll in PTikus 006Taking a slow Sunday stroll to lunch
Following the Friday night scare of having extreme pain on both my legs, I felt it is more worthwhile to exercise my legs and feet. I wondered whether I shall be wheel-chair bound if I cannot use my legs anymore. Can I face that type of situation as a senior citizen, retiree and photographer who goes to every nook and corner to photo-shoot anything of interest to me ? Good question but impossible answers.
Taking my camera with me and acting a role as a tourist in town of Pulau Tikus (translated as Island of Mouse) where I live presently, away I venture “into the world”. Slowly with my painful limbs, I took a slow stroll with “sliding” footwork instead of bold strides foot-steps. We are heading towards the Gurney Paragon Mall and the Gurney Plaza – where I need to pay off my Standard-Chartered Bank Visa payments. Slow and steady in the hot sun but clear blue sky and probably take the free bus to a bus stop near my home on the return trip. Known to be “stingy” or rather “frugal” as one of the prominent characteristics of Penangite – rumoured to have the most millionaires per population figures in Malaysia without pocketing any “corruption” money. FREE is always an attractive word to any true-blooded Penangite, I assume.

SP Lim

Stroll in PTikus 017

Stroll in PTikus 014

Stroll in PTikus 010

Stroll in PTikus 006

Stroll in PTikus 018

Stroll in PTikus 021

Stroll in PTikus 083

Stroll in PTikus 029


5 responses to “Taking a slow Sunday stroll to lunch

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  1. What beautiful blue skies. Hope your feet are better.


  2. Your pics are very colorful, nice! Hope you feel better by now!

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