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RajaUda TempleFair 5D 054

RajaUda TempleFair 5D 057

RajaUda TempleFair 5D 087

RajaUda TempleFair 5D 109Just Lanterns

Has the opportunity of photo-shooting the lanterns along Jalan Raja Uda, Butterworth on Mainland Penang. It is said that this road had the most number of lanterns along this stretch of road in Malaysia. Thousands.

SP Lim

RajaUda TempleFair 5D 061

RajaUda TempleFair 5D 072

RajaUda TempleFair 5D 075

RajaUda TempleFair 5D 084

RajaUda TempleFair 5D 091

RajaUda TempleFair 5D 153

11 responses to “Just Lanterns

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  1. whoa. that’s a lot of lanterns

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  2. Bright and beautiful, Lim Soo Peng!

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  3. I love the photos with the red lamps against the dark blue sky, fantastic angles and contrast in colour.

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  4. What a beautiful sight of all the lanterns against the sky. Nice!

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  5. Really beautuful. I bet that was extraordinary to photograph! By the way, thank you for all of alikes and sharing as being a follower on Totally Inspired Mind. Really appreciate your support knowing you like what I write and photograph and choose to print means the world to me.

    Your writer photographer friend in Las Vegas, NV, USA.

    Paulette Le Pore Motzko

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  6. Thank you, Paulette. It is a pleasure to read your blog for the multitude of information and hope you shall do likewise in future. Your friend in George Town, Penang, Malaysia.

    Soo Peng ( “Lim” is the surname )


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